What I aim to do

There are a ton of words in my head that I just can’t say out loud. What I want to say is uncomfortable for people to hear. 


Not just in El Segundo, or Los Angeles but GLOBALLY. 

I can’t speak on global economic terms but I can share my experience studying economics and the local real estate market.  If only one person reads this and takes away a grain of information that helps then I will have accomplished something. 

Take everything I write with a pinch of salt, I’m not a professional economist, don’t get paid to give financial advice and for all I know I could be proven dead wrong. 

About me – middle aged, married, kids. Formerly a home owner in the southbay, moved to El Segundo for the schools/kids but couldn’t find a house worth buying so we rent. 

I’m 100% short the stock market. I firmly believe that a day of reckoning is coming that will make the financial crisis of 2008 look like a warm up game. 

I made enough money from the sale of our previous home that I could retire and not work in many parts of this country. In El Segundo that amount is called a down payment. 


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