A dose of honesty

“There is only so much property west of Sepulveda”

Gag, I’ve heard that line spewed from local residents and local real estate agents so many times. They want to sell me on the fact that there is only so much property close to the beach and El Segundo is one of the few beach communities that is “affordable”. 

Let’s talk about the truth shall we. 


Yeah, there are some pockets where it’s better but for the most part it’s incessant. Locals like to say “you’ll get used to it”. Well after three years I’m not used to it. Does getting used to it mean you no longer mind having to ht the rewind button on the DVR? You no longer mind having to stop your conversation mid-sentence when you are at the BBQ?

Oh, but that $1.3 mil house has double pane windows!  Bummer, they skimped and they didn’t install AC …So your windows are always open. So much for sound proofing.  

What’s at my local El Segundo Beach? It’s a waste treatment plant! They clean your shitty toilet water and then pump it back into the water where we swim. Not only do they clean yours, they clean all of Los Angeles’ shitty water. 

Each day, the Hyperion Treatment Plant discharges hundreds of millions of gallons of treated wastewater into Santa Monica Bay. … this effluent is now cleansed and sanitized to a “secondary treatment” level that greatly minimizes the amount of pollutants that can make people and animals sick.

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF GALLONS!  Minimizes…pollutants that can make people sick

Let’s talk about the beautiful beachfront property you are trying to sell me. There is none! Unlike the other local beach communities we don’t have beach access. We have a strip from Imperial to Rosecrans, none of it very walkable. What else do we share the beach with besides Hyperion? Chevron, DWP and Scattergood Power plant. Good times, chemicals, poop and storage tanks holding fuel, oils and god-knows what else. 

Airplane noise to the right of be, Poop plant to the front of me and dare I make a left turn and I run right into Chevron. Let’s just hope that you don’t buy a house too close to Chevron in the event of an earthquake. Well since there is a jet-fuel pipeline that goes under the entire city to LAX I bet we are all fucked. 

Yes, El Segundo is an incredible community that is so hard to explain. I love it, the schools are great, the community is great but for those who don’t know the truth I hope this serves as a dash of reality. 


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