Why I live here

Here’s the other side of the coin: El Segundo is a great place to live. They call it Mayberry by the sea, as in Andy Griffith Mayberry. Friendly, small town, great schools, great weather. None of that description fits with any other part of Los Angeles I have lived in. 

Sense of community in LA? no way
Friendly in LA? nope

When I first moved into town I went to visit a house with a lockbox. The neighbor was outside and chatted about the previous owners and how great the street was. Within a day of moving in I had met five of my neighbors. They all stopped by to say hello and tell me how great it was to live here. In my 20 years in LA I have never experienced that kind of friendliness nor sense of community. 

My son played baseball for the first time last year. You know what they do for little league? They have a fucking parade down main street. It was fun, amazing, inspiring and another example how NOT like Los Angeles El Segundo is. 

El Segundo is close enough to the beach that the weather is almost always great, has great access to freeways and because it’s sectioned off there isn’t a whole lot of reasons for people to be passing through unless they belong here. There’s no waze route that suggests driving through town is a better way to anywhere. 

No need to talk about the schools, you already know. 

So I’ve got a small town feel with a great sense of community pride, great city-provided amenities and the real estate prices are pretty much in-line with other local west side areas. 

It is a great place to live and a will be a great place to buy a home…some day.

Mar Vista – sense of community – nope? Good schools – nope
Venice – depends if you are trying to score dope or rolling in your brand new Type X but Venice is for young, hip people – not families. 
Culver City? Not sure of the community vibe, and schools are hit or miss based on location. 
Manhattan Beach – let’s be honest if Manhattan is on your radar then you don’t need to mess with El Segundo.   
Redondo has great schools, great weather and an ok communal sense based on geography. 
Torrance – too big, too spread out. Good schools
Palos Verdes – You’ll get a lot for your money if you buy in PV. Good schools but with zero sense of community and an hour commute just to get to a freeway. 

So yeah, El Segundo is pretty great. With all it’s downfalls it’s an amazing place to raise a family. 


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