503 Concord St El Segundo CA 90245

Scott Nicol’s latest overpriced house dujour. This isn’t his typical overpriced staged home. 

I should start re-writing copy for these ridiculous ads. 

Vintage spanish home. Needs new baths, kitchen and more than likely needs updating to plumbing and electric. If you love that nostalgic feeling of visiting the house your mom grew up in, this is for you. It’s like visiting Granny’s house. The hardware, walls, appliances and condition of the home will remind you each time you write that $6,000 check that you are paying to live in what would have been the coolest digs in 1974. 

Hope you like old and spanish because this house is a 1970s time warp. Big lot but at $1.5 mil you aren’t going to entice any developers. A look at the property on Google maps shows how limited your options are for expanding this home past the spacious 1,400 square feet.  Good luck Scot and the greater fool that thinks this is a fair price for this home. 

503 Concord St El Segundo CA 90245


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