Weekend update

We have a couple new listings and either MLS shenanigans or more failed escrows. 

The big ugly box at 400 Bungalow Dr is showing “back on market”. They are calling it 190 days on market.  It doesn’t make sense that they haven’t lowered the price. Maybe they don’t really want to sell or maybe they owe $1.5 mil. 

503 Concord shows pending at $1.5 (grandma’s spanish fixer). Shocker. 

812 McCarthy Ct. Closed at $1.15, $100k under asking. Now the new owner just needs to use that $100k savings to make it a house worth living in. 

1510 E Maple get’s a trim from $1.65 to $1.6. I wonder who’s driving the boat with the pricing. It’s like the owner doesn’t know what else is on the market at that price point. Same goes for 400 Bungalow. 

635 Whiting also got a haircut. Price dropped from $1.85 to $1.74. 

And our favorite at 625 Center st also decided that it’s time to take a little off the top with a reduction from $2.1 to $1.99. Funny how $100k in the scheme of things is so little. I guess he’s still not motivated. 

It might not have hit the MLS yet but the flip at 754 Virginia St is scheduled for an open house this weekend. Funny thing is that it’s still surrounded with construction fence. Here we have a team of non-local agents representing the flipper that bought the property last December at $840k. I’ve seen their ads on the construction fence for months. I guess so far people haven’t been interested in taking a sneak peak before it’s ready.  It’s a pretty big remodel so I expect to see a price tag north of $1.6. Too bad the market above $1.3 seems to have dried up. 


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