First week in November action

120 W Sycamore Ave Sold $10K over asking. It seems like an expensive piece of dirt since it’s only a 3200 sq ft lot. Unless someone thinks $860k for a 850 sq ft house is a sound investment? It’s shocking a bank would agree with that assessment. 

More bad luck at 818 Penn St? Redfin is calling it Back on Market – AGAIN!. At $1.1 this house is almost $1000 per square foot. And it’s old. Regardless under $1.1 there is a line of suckers that think this is a smart decision. 

Across the street 815 Penn is still showing as available and having another open house this weekend.  50 days on and under $900K and it’s been updated. There’s that cell-block looking backyard to deal with.  I guess no one wants to their outdoor living space to feel like a prison yard. Let’s see how long it takes to find a sucker or take down the price. 

Despite an open house scheduled for Sunday 608 California now shows as pending. $774/sq ft seems almost reasonable when considering the crap for sale at $900/sq ft. Regardless at $1.3 million dollars someone is gonna get hurt. 


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