Why are my liberal friends so close minded?

I am a self-admitted left leaning democrat. As I get older and I see the wealth and power distribution get further and further out of whack I get scared. I get scared for our society and scared for the society that my kids will grow up in.
What’s the point of raising them in this quaint little beach town if they won’t even be able to afford to live here when they grow up? 

I didn’t vote for for her. I didn’t vote for him. Mine was a “wasted vote” for a man I believed really could change things. It was symbolic knowing that in California Hillary was a shoe-in. That’s neither here nor there but what is troubling is how close-minded the great majority of my liberal friends sound like. They think this election was won by rednecks, racists and xenophobes.  I dared question a comment like that on facebook and immediately regretted it. I do not believe every Trump voter is bad. Or homophobic, or racist…. And why is it so many of my liberal friends think Hillary’s “email problem” was about emails. If people don’t go to jail for the behavior of Clinton Inc then I will wash my hands of the process. It is rigged.  Hillary and Bill have proven that. 

HALF of our country spoke. Why is it only the democrats can have a revolution?  What about the working class man in middle america that lost his well-paying manufacturing job ten years ago? What about the small business owners that used to be able to make a living before the great recession and have never been able to recover? 

In SoCal it looks like the recovery is in full swing with property values back up, Silicon Beach showering money on the west side, developers building new homes and giant apartment complexes every couple hundred feet.  But if people start to read articles and stories from different news sources, and maybe dig deeper than the click bate headline, then maybe they can see that a lot of Americans are pissed. They lost their homes only to have banks and hedge funds scoop them up for cents on the dollar. Then they see those institutions rent them out while the Fed creates a new bubble that takes the value of those homes back up. They see crazy inflation in healthcare, shelter, education. They see their inability to put money in the bank and have it grow. 

SHIT IS FUCKED UP. And all the left-leaning democrats that think this election was taken from Hillary are as stupid as the pundits that said Trump could never win.  

We just witnessed a revolution. It just doesn’t happen to look like the left-leaning revolution those of us in California were thinking of. 


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