This month’s copy of Digs Magazine

This month’s copy of Digs Magazine brought to you courtesy of Alex Abad! Thanks Alex for showing the local residents of El Segundo what real wealth looks like.  

I bring up Diggs again because this past weekend I got into a discussion about real estate with a person who’s roots go back three generations in town. She commented on how there wasn’t a house under one million in town. As a longtime resident she’s not one to look at home prices and values. Like most people she hears about it in conversations but there is no value in knowing how much homes sell for unless you have plans on be on the the buy or sell side of that equation. 

This is the first issue to have an El Segundo section filled with more ads for the same agents we already know. We see in the data that avg days to sell is 53, up from ~45 last year. Of the 16 “active” listings the least expensive is the tiny house at 815 Penn and then $1.02 at 912 Lomita. The rest are averaging ~$1.4. 

First thing I noticed is Alex showing his Rancho PV house at a reduced “New” price. El Segundo isn’t RPV but hey, he spent hundreds on the ads so why not? He also has a reduced “new” price on 608 California. 

We have Gina Hoffman’s 708 Lomita St $1.94 million home. down from $2.1 and 158 days on. Shows as accepting backup offers. Let’s see where the dust settles. Can I see high $1.7s?


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