Being wrong is painful

With all the talk of fake news and each of us living in our own echo chamber I wonder to myself am I wrong? Am I sitting in my own echo chamber reading news and anecdotal evidence that only supports my thesis? 

Despite the appearance of a rosy stock market and a successful holiday spending season and a Trump rally I can’t help but continue to worry. 

I very could be completely wrong. Maybe housing will not correct, the stock market will continue to rally, there will no recession or inflationary fears…. Luckily I have taken so much money off the table I will not risk much if I am wrong. My only risk is opportunity cost. I risk losing out on another big run-up in the market or missing a 7%/year gain on a million dollar property. I could be wasting my money renting a house that is 18% more than my previous mortgage.  I watch our savings balance sit there and do nothing but lose purchasing power. 

I have to be honest to say that watching the rally and continued rise in real estate prices hurts. I fear that I am missing out. But then again I also sleep well at night knowing that if I am right I have protected myself and my family. 

Only time will tell. 


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