710 W Sycamore Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245 | Zillow

I’m excited about this listing! Another bullshit “coming soon” fishing expedition by Bill Ruane. I wonder if these highbrow owners didn’t want a for sale sign parked in their yard for weeks before the listing? I’ll have to drive by. 

Anyway, I’m excited because it may give us a glimpse of the true appreciation of a home. This house was built in 2015/2016 and along with 3 others on the same and street and an additional 3 directly behind on Maple. They were all new construction and the six homes are sized about the same and look similar. This home sold in March 2016 for $1.85mil. 

Even though the price is not the average El Segundo residential price we’ll get to see if a buyer with a lot of money feels that the home appreciated 12% after a year of use! If you were a buyer or buyer’s agent wouldn’t you hammer them close to last year’s sale price? We’ll leave the airport noise and pooh smell up to the discerning new buyer. 

Then there’s the eff up with the listing price. In Zilow you can see they started at $2,049 but then bumped it to $2,075. 

710 W Sycamore Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245 | Zillow


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