533 Concord St, El Segundo, CA 90245 | Zillow

When I wrote about the rental Armageddon in town in this post I mentioned the house at 533 Concord not knowing the address. Well what turned out to be a freak-out-fest on facebook with people stepping over each other for information on the rental led to greedy fucking capitalism.

$5000/month for a 1500 sqft house.


The bread crumbs lead me to Joe Yocum a contractor in town that owns Concord and at least one other house in town (The power of the internet is scary).

So good ole Joe sees the feeding frenzy, his phone is ringing off the hook and turns it over to Kirk Brown (a local realtor) to manage the listing. They settle on $5000/month.  The original facebook post was 12/30/16. And we sit here towards the end of January with the listing just now popping up on Zillow.  Guess what happens when you try to gouge people? The property sits.

Guess all those people chomping at the bit weren’t interested at $5k!

When I went back to look at the original post on facebook someone had already poked fun at the price with the following comment.


This place just went up on Zillow, $5,000/month! And it does not come with a maid and butler.
That’s over $1,600 per bedroom and it has not been recently renovated. It has tile counter tops in the kitchen, you know, the kind that are impossible to clean.


Yet some desperate family will feel that this is there only option and they will pay $5000/month and then that’s the new price for the next landlord with a vacant 1500 sqft house. What the previous renter was probably paying $3500/month for is now 42% higher. Even if they were paying $4K that’s a 25% increase.

1. Do you want that asshole as your landlord?
2. You need an annual salary of $150K to qualify but then we are back to that living paycheck to paycheck math.
3. FUCK supporting greedy people that are willing to step on people for a few bucks. We have enough of that at the highest levels of our government we don’t need that in El Segundo.

Fuck Joe Yocum. Fuck Kirk Brown. Both are residents of El Segundo gouging would be or current residents.  It’s like they forgot where they live and how small a town this is.

Gentlemen, Karma is a bitch.

533 Concord St, El Segundo, CA 90245 | Zillow


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