The 15 cities where you can live really well on $60,000

Southern California is VERY Sticky.

I have had thoughts of moving more often in the past couple years than at any other time in my 20 years in Los Angeles. Angeleno transplants don’t tend to leave. That’s why there are so many fucking people on the roads 24/7! The weather, the ocean, the vibe, work, family….the list goes on.

My work is here and I married a local girl with family both in town and in Northern Cal. I don’t know much about the cities in the above noted story (I do not want to live in Detroit) I hear great things about Tennesee and the Carolinas. But with young children and ties to the area I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to. My wife would never go for it.

But for those of you that do not have the same geographical handcuffs that I have maybe it’s time to save a little extra for your relocation costs.

There are 570 three bedroom homes for sale under $100K in Memphis. That’s a $750 mortgage with $20K down. Fuck that do FHA with about $8K out of pocket. Think about that. For what we would pay $1 million in El Segundo you can have for a tenth of the price. I’m not vouching for neighborhoods, crime, location but with property prices that drastically different you walk a little taller not having a $6000 mortgage payment or $4000 rent payment. (just take off the Hillary sticker)


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