A quick flip on Acacia

I had driven by this derelict house for a long time. I looked into it but I hate Acacia and it’s proximity to the runways.  It sat abandoned forever and then for a few months at the end of 2016 it had a for sale. 

Here’s the history – Sold 4/21/15 for $719K and sat vacant for about 16 months.
Listed for $850 9/14 (although I think the sign was up earlier)
Sold for $840K 9/29/16

Four months later you now have a livable $1.1 million dollar home.

The pictures online don’t show much but with new plumbing, electric, roof, kitchen and deck I imagine even for a home depot flipper they are in for ~$150K. If they get asking they stand to make ~$100k.  Not bad for ~4 months.

I’m sure it will sell because it’s shiny and has the new car smell.

Hopefully they installed central air and triple pained windows.

657 W Acacia Ave El Segundo, CA 90245



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