201 E Acacia finally finds a buyer

204 days! Just goes to show how much price affects how quickly a house sells. I’ve mentioned this a number of times but the number of shoppers in the $1.4 and above range in El Segundo is small. I can only assume that people willing to drop $8-$10k/month on their mortgage have options.  And by options that means choosing not to live under a major flightpath or sharing a border with a giant oil company. Just sayin.

I have to give it to the owner at 201 E Acacia. Redfin shows two times this house was pending and fell out. Hanging on for 7 months and only eating 6% is commendable. (or maybe just stubborn)

So where does a person go with their $500k profit? The owner purchased this house for $910k in 2010. Assuming 20% down their mortgage and taxes was probably in the $5k/month range. Best take the money and run.



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