Inflation is killing us

  1. the action of inflating something or the condition of being inflated.
    “the inflation of a balloon”
    a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.
If you haven’t received a ~30% raise in the past decade you are feeling the pinch. Like a lobster in a pot of cold water. You don’t feel the temp changing. It’s just getting warmer, and warmer….until you are dead.
Everyone loves inflation when they own a home or another asset that increases in value over time. Baseball cards, comic books, sports memorabilia, classic cars….
But when the cost of shelter rises by 50% it starts to hurt. Ten years ago I rented two bedroom duplex for $1075. In that neighborhood the same unit today based on comps would rent for about $3000.  179% increase. My income has greatly improved in the past ten years but unfortunately not anywhere near 179%.
This doesn’t end well.
1. Tobacco and smoking products

> Price increase: 90.4%

2. Margarine

> Price increase: 63.6%

3. Uncooked ground beef

> Price increase: 46.3%

4. Shelf stable fish and seafood
> Price increase: 45.0%

5. Prescription drugs
> Price increase: 43.5%

6. Rice, pasta, cornmeal
> Price increase: 40.3%

7. Bread
> Price increase: 38.9%

8. Snacks
> Price increase: 38.4%

9. Miscellaneous poultry including turkey
> Price increase: 37.0%

10. Apples
> Price increase: 36.6%

11. Frankfurters
> Price increase: 35.8%

12. Canned vegetables
> Price increase: 35.3%

13. Salt and other seasonings and spices
> Price increase: 34.0%

14. Miscellaneous fats and oils including peanut butter
> Price increase: 34.0%

15. Miscellaneous processed fruits and vegetables including dried
> Price increase: 33.7%

16. Bacon and related products
> Price increase: 33.2%

17. Fresh whole chicken
> Price increase: 32.5%

18. Cakes, cupcakes, and cookies
> Price increase: 32.1%

19. Flour and prepared flour mixes
> Price increase: 32.1%

20. Canned fruits
> Price increase: 32.0%


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