New listings in El Segundo

There’s been a flurry of activity over the past couple weeks. The one thing I have noted over the past couple months is the prevalence of crappy, as-is listings. We get more of the same this week .Someone mentioned there was another Bill Ruane sign on a home that’s not on the MLS but I can’t be bothered to track down all of Bill Ruane’s signs in town because half are bogus anyway. (Ever notice how every apartment building near an entrance to El Segundo has a Bill Ruane Sign?)

We have a fishing expedition by John Skulick with a “Coming Soon” listing at 602 Lomita St. $1.2 million at $779/sqft. You would think that someone that is in line to make $30k would bother to buy a fucking camera. Or spend a couple hundred bucks to pay a photographer. Or care enough to shoot a decent photo with his phone. What a lazy fuck. I swear 80% of agents are just schmarmy used car salesmen.  Why would anyone want this guy to represent them or list their home?

Lynn O’Neil has a new listing down the street at 333 Lomita.  No photos and “needs work” for $1.2 mil at $885/sqft. 1200 sq ft on a normal 5000 sqft lot. Good luck with that one. You shouldn’t have let your clients dictate the price.

And we have a new, lovely home for sale by Ed Kaminski. For those who aren’t familiar with Manhattan Beach real estate, Ed is a top player. 429 W. Oak St is listed at $1.4mil for a remodeled, livable 1500 sqft home.  Priced at $914/sqft on a giant 8144 sqft lot. Let’s recall that after $1.3 mil in El Segundo the sales start to slow down. I’m sure there will be a lot of people drooling over this house (NOTICE THE PHOTOGRAPHY SKULICK!) but for those stretching to get to $1.2 mil, it’s near impossible to get to $1.4mil. And let’s not forget that interest rates will most likely rise tomorrow.

So while the stock market and real estate continue to escalate I sit on the sidelines dying to participate. But then I think about 2008 and figure I can wait.

Maybe this time is different?


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