El Segundo Building Codes

There were a couple interesting reads in the Herald this week. One about a change R-1 modulation code which adds a bit more clarity to the code as well as come leeway in building a second story. 

There’s also a story that touches on the new state law allowing grandma unit’s to properties. When asked whether his clients ask about second units, Realtor Scott Nicol replied “People are always looking for it. Everyone has a mom they want to have live with them or like my parents live far away, they’re retired, they want to come live with me for six months.”

That or everyone is looking for a little AirBnB income to supplement the mortgage they can barely afford. As of today I counted 9 places available on AirBnB (entire home, not just a bedroom). If they allow everyone and their mom to build a 600 sqft apartment the natives will start to get restless. And in this town anger only last so long before change is demanded.

Welcome to El Segundo, California


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