If you first don’t succeed…

710 Redwood Ave is back on the market. I could have sworn the previous listing was with a Bill Ruane. Zillow’s price history has price changes from ReMax in 2016, so that’s my guess.

4 bed/ 3bath 2587 sqft on a 5000 sqft lot priced at $1.43 million/$551/sqft.

It first hit the market last April for $1.47, got one tiny price drop and then was removed after sitting for eight months. If I remember correctly this one bounced in and out of escrow a couple times. So if it sat for eight months at $1.45ish what does Alex Abad bring to the table three months later at $1.4 mil?

The listing calls it “remodeled” but when you look at the photos you realize that means some time in the late 90s. Although the price per sqft is good you also have to either love, deal with or undo the previous owner’s decor.

We’ll see what how supply and demand lesson turns out.



One thought on “If you first don’t succeed…

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