628 W Oak St

This listing is a bit puzzling coming from Lynn O’Neil who’s had a good record of pricing correctly and seeing the results with listings that hit escrow quickly.

$1.25 mil for a 2187 sqft tudor that has “lots of charm…needs complete updating”

The lots is 7183, but for something that’s gonna take ~$200k to “completely update” the price is wrong.

Here’s your comp, You can drop $250k and spend $6000/month to buy this big fixer or you can rent 723 W Palm Ave for $5500 and use your quarter of a million dollars more effectively.




2 thoughts on “628 W Oak St

    1. The reality is no one is paying attention. No one wants to hear that homes and the stock market are once again at crazy bubble valuations. No one remembers the tech bubble and pets.com no one remembers how many people lost their homes in 2008.
      Thanks for reading!


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