It’s but a symptom

Maybe I’m in an echo chamber reading articles and looking at evidence that supports my hypothesis that this is all going to end very badly.

Although not shocking, nor surprising this article and their interviews shows how effed up things are.  Imagine to your dismay that you are making a six figure salary but just getting by. Quality of life, stress and fear are crushing your soul. The reality is that with Los Angeles County being the most unaffordable place to live there are countless people (even many of your neighbors) in the same position. I’ve seen and known a lot of people making a couple hundred thousand dollars a year leaving paycheck to paycheck.

This doesn’t end well but the bright side is that it could result in a giant socio-economic upheaval.

“I didn’t become a software engineer to be trying to make ends meet,” said a Twitter employee in his early 40s who earns a base salary of $160,000. It is, he added, a “pretty bad” income for raising a family in the Bay Area.
“During the first dotcom boom we had secretaries commuting three hours into work … It’s happening again. It was absurd then and it’s absurd now,”

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