WTF on Kansas?

It took me a while to piece it together but it looks like a foreclosure gone very wrong at 408 Kansas St.

I got a back on market notice, yet it’s not on redfin, zillow or the MLS. A look at the history and you can see all sorts of craziness:

Foreclosure gone wrong? Crazy owner? Wacky realtor?

What’s even more insane is the sale price in 2004 – $700K! For an 1100 sqft home! WTF? I can’t imagine what lender would allow that sale 13 years ago at $650/sqft. I assume that’s where the problem lies.

Price / Tax History

08/02/16 Listing removed
03/22/16 Listed for sale
02/16/16 Listing removed
12/15/15 Listed for sale
11/10/15 Listing removed
10/27/15 Listed for sale
10/09/14 Listing removed
09/19/14 Listed for sale
02/04/12 Listing removed
02/02/12 Listed for sale
04/09/04 Sold $700,000+97.2% $650
06/30/99 Sold $355,000+51.1% $329

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