Another out of town realtor

It may feel like I have something against out of town realtors, but I don’t. Those that want to live in El Segundo as well as do business in El Segundo will learn how small of a town this is. Yes we are in Los Angeles but this town is like a small town in the middle of Ohio. Everyone is one degree away from knowing someone else. We know each other’s business and for those of us who hope to own a home here we ain’t fucking stupid!

When someone that doesn’t know the intricacies of El Segundo sits at their computer, (from Manhattan Beach) looks up recent sales, and comes up with the highest price they think they can get away with.

X house sold for $X/sqft therefore Y house should be Y sqft x $X.

And we arrive at the price of 606 W Mariposa at $1.23 million for 1500sqft on a 5000 sqft lot.  $804 a square foot! WTF?!

By any standard that is ridiculously expensive. 728 Loma Vista is bigger and priced at $504/sqft. 913 Dune is almost 1000 square foot bigger, and it’s nicer and it’s priced a measly $120k more. As I mention there’s a glut around this price.  If this is your price range you have options and power.

But this Manhattan Beach agent just needs one fool.


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