Over Supply at $1.4 mil in El Segundo

A price drop notice on 728 Loma Vista from $1.424 to $1.364 million made me realize that we have too many homes at $1.4 mil. 

Seven of the 10 single family listings  are in the $1.4 mil range.  As much as Alex Abad wants this to be Manhattan Beach North, It’s not. Nor will it ever be. Yes, the schools are great and we have a freakish (very non-LA) sense of community but for many outsiders this is a town under LAX next to a fuel refinery and a waste treatment plan. And for those with $1.4 million to spend, they have options.

Just down the road in Westchester $1.3-$1.4 mil gets you new construction.

The sad reality is that most of the homes in this price range in El Segundo aren’t special. They are just big (around 2000 sqft) . Most of them reek of the 1990s and none are worth $1.4 million dollars.





One thought on “Over Supply at $1.4 mil in El Segundo

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