511 Oregon St.

Our newest listing is at 511 Oregon St. 90245. 1984 sq ft 4/2.5 on a 6400 sqft lot. Listed by Pauline Chernick of Encino.

We first wrote about this out of towner  and her weird listings at 326 and 330 Sierra St. I’m getting the feeling this is as a result of a trust sale.

Once again she’s done the comps and figured this house is worth $1.4 million.

With $285k down the “lucky” buyer can write a check for about $7000 a month to live in this house. Even if they manage to live here for 30 years they will always have a property tax bill of about $1500 per month. Forever!

It’s not quite as big but if you really want to live in El Segundo you can save your $285K and rent this 1400 sqft house for 40% less per month at $4200/month. 



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