Reaching for the stars on East Maple

This is the only new construction home in El Segundo that I know about. We looked at a rental adjacent to Alex Abad’s $1.9 million dollar dream about 9 months ago and they had already begun construction. Looks like the first permit was pulled in March 2016. The History on zillow only shows the home changing hands in 2005 but I have a feeling this is a flip sponsored by one Alex Abad.  Over the course of the entire year of construction there has been an Alex Abad Real Estate sign. Hmm should we start the days on market at 365?

So you get new and big on what is arguably one of El Segundo’s busiest streets for almost $2 million American dollars and a property tax bill of of $1750 per month. Forever.

$2,000,000 to live in El Segundo? A quick browse on zillow shows how many options you have for that kind of money around the southbay and silicone beach.  And from my experience if you are dropping $2 mil on a home you aren’t sweating an extra couple grand a month on private school.

Maybe I’m wrong. El Segundo is the future Manhattan Beach.


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