913 Dune gets a haircut

I wrote about the oversupply in the $1.3-$1.4 million range in El Segundo a few weeks ago.  Not much has changed but Colleen McGuire decided that 913 Dune needed a trim off the top to get people motivated. She dropped the price ~5% to $1.285 mil.

It’s nice to see a move in that direction on a nice house.  I’d love to see this house sell in the low $1.2s to shake things up. It just takes one motivated seller/agent to rattle some cages. After all the home last sold in 1997 for $280k.

Dune is a nice home, on a great street that’s been updated in this decade. All for $514/sqft. The one HUGE drawback is the noise. Besides being on the far west side Dune is almost as close as you can get to the airport. Couple that with having a clear line of site to every plane taking off it’s bound to be LOUD.

But as the locals like to say “You’ll get used to it” (I call bullshit on that)



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