“Executive” rental

Kirk Brown is at it again. After a couple weeks advertising in the paper he’s finally added 1502 E Sycamore to Zillow for $4850. What’s wrong with him? He couldn’t even be bothered to pull out his iPhone for this listing.

Here’s the colorful copy:
Custom built home with remodel and addition. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms plus Office. 8,850 Square Foot Lot. Large rooms throughout, a family/executive home!

$2/sqft for a nice-sized and updated home is a great deal.

You could compare it to 913 Dune at $1.285 mil where you have to put down one quarter of a million dollars for the privilege of paying $6500/month to live in a similar sized home.

Sorry, but there’s no tax benefit that will make spending that extra $2k/month plus the $250k you still have in the bank make sense.


One thought on ““Executive” rental

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