WTF on Valley St?

Yes, I’m talking about Valley street in El Segundo not in Manhattan Beach. It’s a small dead end street on the southwest side of town.


Darren Pujalet, another out of town realtor, wants to move this house quickly. 336 Valley Street hits the market at $1.25 mil for a 2266 sqft 3/3 home. Remodeled in the past ~15-20 years, on a culdesac, away from the airport. 

But wait, the zillow history shows a failed listing early this year at $1.375 mil by Andrew Adam at Palm Beach Realty. That’s 9% ladies and gentlemen. Granted, Andrew was out of his mind thinking granny’s house was going to fetch $1.4 mil but that’s the action we like to see.

Price History

05/16/17 Coming Soon $1,250,000-9.1% $551 Remax Estate P…
03/07/17 Listing removed $1,375,000 $606 Palm Realty Bo…
01/12/17 Listed for sale $1,375,000 $606 Palm Realty Bo…

For those people shopping in the $1.3-$1.4 million range this home has potential. It’s got grandma’s crappy taste embeded in the pores of the house but with an extra $100k and a few months time you could have a home you actually want to live in. (Assuming you don’t want a yard and don’t mind your back yard butting up against Scattergood.)

Regardless I like to see ridiculously priced homes slapped with some semblance of reality.


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