They are not your friends. This is business.

For as much as everyone in El Segundo wants to talk and act like our community is different and special the reality is that we aren’t. There are a bunch of intangible qualities that make living and raising a family in town balance out the negatives. But let’s not kid ourselves; real estate is commerce and there are no friends in commerce. Real Estate Agents, landlords, property management….they are not your friends. They are here to squeeze as much juice out of you as possible. You can’t fault them, that’s the American way. Real estate inflation has run rampant in the past five years and the current rents and asking prices are just a symptom of the issue. This is the new normal…For now.

Having known people who owned rental properties and the owner of a property management company I know there is a balance that’s hard to achieve. Do you squeeze every last drop from your tenant or do you leave some on the table in exchange (and the hope) that you get a great tenant that will stay for a long time, not be a pain in the ass and care for your home as if it were their own?

The landlord and or real estate agent  (maybe Janet Young at Re/Max?) is trying to squeeze every last drop out of the rental at 515 E Maple Ave. $4700 for a 1450 sqft 3/2 home. What’s even more ironic is that in the summer of 2015 their greed runneth over and they were asking even more money!

Price History

05/17/17 Listed for rent $4,700/mo+2.2% $3 Zillow Rental …
08/24/15 Listing removed $4,600/mo $3 RE/MAX Estate …
08/10/15 Price change $4,600/mo-16.4% $3 RE/MAX Estate …
07/24/15 Listed for rent $5,500/mo $3 RE/MAX Estate …  WTF?!!!
04/21/03 Sold $525,000 $362  

If you are looking for a good rental in El Segundo I recently wrote about the rental at 1502 E sycamore that’s listed for $4850 for a home that’s 1000 sqft bigger for an extra $150/month. The $150/month more depends if you take the zillow price as gospel and don’t use google, because when you look up 515 E Maple you will find that Janet Jung has it listed on for $4600 and on her site for $4500. So take your pick on how much you want to get taken for. Either way you are getting ripped off at those prices.



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