Rare on Valley?

The new listing at 427 Valley is for the ambitious. Not sure what’s “rare” about this lot but Steve Fingerhut called it a “rare buildable large lot”. Per his website Steve specializes in probate sales.  I can only imagine this house is being sold as-is.

11143 sqft lot with a 1780 sqft home plus a back-building that could be your next AirBnB. You may have parking and noise issues with all the construction and flipping happening on Valley. A street most residents have never heard about nor been is now the location dujour for listings and flips.

Like I’ve mentioned you are probably in for $200/sqft in remodeling costs. The good thing is that at 1800 sqft maybe their isn’t the need to add on. No addition equals quicker permitting and numbers you can wrap your head around. I imagine this home will need to be taken down to the studs with all new plumbing and electric in order. You can “work on the landscaping later”.  So after dropping your $1 million American dollars (on a house that probably won’t appraise for a million) you can spend another $250,000-$350,000 to have the home of your dreams. Well kinda. But it will be yours, it will be nice and it will be new.  Or a flipper will throw $75k in cheap labor and Home Depot fixtures in hopes of making an extra $150k.

Future AirBnb – cozy corporate retreat.  Rental income!



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