Abad’s Logic for 423 Loma Vista Escapes me

A new “Coming Soon” listing from Alex Abad popped up at 423 Loma Vista at an astronomical $927/square foot.  Why he priced it $177/sqft more than his new construction home escapes me. I guess he’s more motivated to sell one than the other. It may have something to do with his for sale sign being on the new construction home for two years.

What’s even more asinine is that he calls this house:

“only 3 blocks from the ocean”

423 Loma Vista Street is located on one of the most charming and desirable streets in El Segundo. This 3 bedroom 2 bath house is only 3 blocks from the ocean and has 1,564 sf of living space on a 6,400 sf lot. Offered at $1,450,000.

What an asshole. I’ve gone to countless open houses of Abad’s and his pitch to try to convince the world that this is the next Manhattan Beach is laughable. Space X blah blah blah, Silicone Beach blah blah blah, west of PCH… It’s the same bullshit sales pitch.

In case you are not from the area there is only two access points to the beach from El Segundo. Imperial and Grand Ave. So unless his listing includes a key to cut through Scattergood or Hyperion you’re gonna have to haul your boogie board and cooler 0.61 miles.  Even with a key it’s still 1/2 mile.


If you aren’t from around hear here’s a grain of truth.


Reason’s El Segundo will never be Manhattan Beach

  • The airport stupid – At one open house I used my stopwatch to time the noise of the airplanes. It was about one every minute at busy times. And it goes on from from 5 AM until 2AM and sometimes beyond. Depending on where you live it’s either a nuisance or stop your conversation, rewind your TV loud.
  • Pooh plant – Between Alex’s Loma Vista listing and the “three blocks to the ocean” lies the Hyperion Waste Treatment plant. One of for of Los Angeles’ waste treatment plants that operates 24/7 and helps process 400 MILLION GALLONS OF waste A DAY! So yeah, every once in a while it’s bound to smell like shit in El Segundo. Years ago it was often referred to as Smell Segundo.
  • If you were at all concerned about jet fuel running under your city streets, weird chemical smells and the location of giant amounts of fuels, oils and other chemicals in your neighborhood Chevron is your answer.
  • El Segundo will never ever ever and I mean NEVER have beach front residential property.

So as much as Alex wants this to be Manhattan Beach it’s ain’t ever gonna happen.




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