Why using a local realtor matters

I find myself making fun of both out of town (out of touch) realtors as well as the 4-5 henchmen that rule 95% of El Segundo’s listings on the buy and sell side.

If you want to buy a home in El Segundo you have to kiss one of their rings . When we looked to buy here in town we used a family friend as our agent. Yes any agent can get you in to see a home or access to a lockbox but what we found is that the fraternity of El Segundo real estate agents had so many back and side dealings that by the time we were finding out about new listings on the MLS they were often already sold.

As messed up as that is there was more than one occasion where we went to an open house and started talking about writing offers only to find out that it was already in escrow and that any offer would be considered a backup. The open house was a charade to fill their coffers with more info and potential clients.  The local cabal of agents know who is out there willing to buy at what price, they know who is knocking on death’s door and they know who can be motivated with the right offer to cash in and leave.

Is it fair, no. Far from it but after two years of looking at homes in this town I learned my lesson. If and when you want to buy (or sell) in El Segundo you have to kiss the ring of the king.


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