It just takes one

That was quick. I’m sure it’s ruffling the feathers of some other agents with homes in the $1.4 million club but 404 Oregon St is already in escrow.  What makes this home special enough to get an offer out of all the options in that range?

Like I mentioned with the off-market dealings here in El Segundo the fact that it made it to the MLS, Zillow, et all could just be a marketing tactic but nonetheless it just takes one greater fool to make a real estate transaction successful.

Let’s revisit.

1737 square foot 3/2.5 mid-century home for $1.35 million dollars. The mid century look is deep so I can only imagine that is a selling point to the buyer?  For my million dollars I want appliances made in the past decade, but that’s just me being picky isn’t it?



So after someone drops $270k they have the privilege of writing a check for about $6500/month to live in this time capsule.

Or you could keep your life savings in the bank and rent a bigger home (sight unseen) for less than half. 510 E Mariposa is a 3/2 2126 sqft home that is renting for $30000.  




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