What’s wrong with this picture?

I woke up to see two of the $1.4 million club are now pending. It dawned on me just how wrong something is.

Like I’ve mentioned it only takes one idiot to make a real estate transaction successful but it makes me question if people who are spending one million dollars to live in a house have any financial sense.

423 Loma Vista is a remodeled Spanish home. 3/2 1500 sq ft. Nice, but priced at $927/sq ft. Someone is going to put a $300k down payment for the privilege of writing a check for $7000/month.  For a 1500 square foot house! You are an idiot.

732 W Acacia is also priced at $1.45 million but is 1000 square feet bigger. Let that sink in, for the same price you are getting 66% more house. The 2674 house is priced at $524 per square foot.

All things being equal someone is about to pay almost double the price per square foot.

I’m sorry but the white toyota camry is $10,000 more than the silver one.


No Reason, just because I know you want the white one I’ll charge extra.


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