Conflict of interest?

When does a real estate agent working as a flipper with his own property for sale become a conflict of interest?  Maybe it’s not, but when I see Alex Abad throw another batshit fucking crazy ludicrous price on a home that’s only a $5,000 price difference from the home flip he has on the market it made me question it.

Alex lists 519 Eucalyptus 90245 for $1.9 fucking million dollars.  I just don’t get it. Yes, it’s big but it has no yard and has the 1990s written all over it. You Want to spend $1.9 million dollars to live in your grandma’s house?


You want good schools a nice house, no airplane noise or weird chemical smells, here’s one just up the road in Manhattan Beach for $150k less. A tad smaller, with 40% more land and what looks to be upgrades made in the past couple years.   The price history leads me to believe it was a flip from last summer.  1856 9th St (Manhattan Beach East) is 2265 sqft on a 7000 sqft lot priced at $1.7 mil.


This is another example of things being so off. A couple idiots believing that real estate can only go higher are dictating the market. They are being led to the slaughter by agents like Alex.



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