728 Loma Vista gets another haircut

Jim Marak cut $45k off the listing price of 728 Loma Vista 90245 It came on market at $1.424 in March and received it’s second price reduction this week.

There’s not much to say about this house. At 2599 sqft for $1.3 mil it’s just odd. Five beds and two baths with two kitchens? It’s weird, it’s ugly, it has a pool, it’s old…There’s not many redeeming qualities. Did I mention it has a pool? Good luck to Jim and the sucker that thinks this is a good deal because it’s priced at $507/sqft.

The price history shows someone paid $1.165 mil in August 2006 for this house. Cheers to the owner for buying at the absolute top of the bubble and selling at another top. I guess if you have time and big balls real estate can never go wrong….


Oh Hi, Jim. Nice photos



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