Does Kirk Brown Even Care?

Today’s listing dujour is a 1920 sqft 4/2 at 716 W Oak Ave 90245 presented by Kirk Brown.

I ride Kirk because his actions lead me to believe he doesn’t give one fuck. Whether it’s his shitty iphone photos or his greedy over-reaching rental prices. He know’s he has you by the balls and he doesn’t have to do a thing that someone is his line of work, IMHO, is expected to do. Hell, at least Alex Abad will stage your home and pay for pretty photos! Supply and Demand dictates Kirk Brown’s worth and because there is no supply he wins.

The ridiculously priced rental house will find a renter, although I have my doubts it will be at $4250/mo. This home on W Oak with it’s one photo will sell.

I have nothing else to say about the house on Oak. Kirk posted ONE PHOTO and is hosting an open house tomorrow.  Seems totally worth paying the man $30k to market and sell this house! Quality service!


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