A sigh of relief

I wonder about the situation of the owner’s of 400 Bungalow Dr 90245. Are they downsizing, leaving El Segundo, just trying to get their head above water?  This house appears to have been for sale on and off for three years!

Price History

06/30/17 Pending sale $1,449,500
05/31/17 Listed for sale $1,449,500-3.3%
11/18/16 Listing removed $1,499,000
05/04/16 Back on market $1,499,000
04/21/16 Pending sale $1,499,000
04/14/16 Listed for sale $1,499,000
02/05/16 Listing removed $1,499,000
07/21/15 Price change $1,499,000-6.3%
05/08/15 Listed for sale $1,599,000+23.1%
10/20/14 Listing removed $1,299,000
10/17/14 Pending sale $1,299,000
09/30/14 Listed for sale $1,299,000+58.0%

Back in 2015 when we were looking for a house this one kept poppin in and out of escrow. It was never a consideration because it’s just big for the sake of big and has very little yard, but for the square footage and upgrades it’s always been priced fairly reasonably. Even here at $1.5 mil it’s at $509/sqft. With the process taking so long it looks like the market finally came up to their price and they stand to make an extra $200k over their 2014 asking price.


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