I guess flippin is easy

I stumbled on a show on A&E called Flipping Vegas.  I caught the latter half and they bought and renovated a disgusting house for $165K, sold it for $253K. That’s 53%! It doesn’t even matter what their time frame was, if you can make money like that you do it over and over again.

I did a cursory search and was blown away on how many shows are out there giving unsuspecting would-be flippers the ideas that it’s always easy and rewarding.

I guess it is easy. There’s plenty of educational material on demand.



2 thoughts on “I guess flippin is easy

  1. Kalushkin

    And that is only shows with Flip in the title. There are many more based on the same premise with other names like, “Good Bones” the mother daughter one on HGTV, too many to count.


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