More Bill Ruane Shenanigans

Bill runs El Segundo Real Estate. He is the godfather. Love him or hate him he’s the head towney in regards to real estate and he’s got informants and info on every listing or potential listing in town.  Before I even got a chance to look at the new listing at 432 California St 90245 it showed up this morning as pending.

As I’ve mentioned when we were looking for a home to buy we encountered this multiple times. We’d call on house or go to an open house only to find that they already had offers. The open house was a fishing expedition to get more info on people that were willing and ready to buy.  It was disappointing on my end to know that we weren’t getting a fair shake in the process. I’m sure Bill’s clients were getting personal phone calls about upcoming listings before they even hit the MLS.

So love him or hate him Bill has some jacked up tactics that work. Whether you like them or not depends on what side of the equation you are on.

This morning I saw another one of Bill’s “fishing” signs at 1419 E Mariposa 90245.  You won’t find it on the MLS and I’m sure the home has already been shown to a handful of potential buyers all in the hopes that they get an offer before they have to have an open house. This is a big home on one of the busiest streets in town. The Zestimate is $1.85 mil. Unless it’s been completely redone I don’t see this as another $1.8 mil house. Who knows? I’m wrong all the time. It only takes one idiot to make a real estate transaction.


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