Greed runneth over

I noticed some snipey comments on the El Segundo Parent’s network in regards to a two bedroom rental that was asking $4k/month. I guess I was late to the game in seeing this or maybe this is just another greedy asshole with a two bedroom home asking four fucking thousand dollars per month! After all monkey see, monkey do.

Let’s review:

Matt Crabbs of Remax figured why the fuck not, I bet I can get some asshole to pay $1000 per bedroom to rent. Why not, there are people lined up around the block to pay $1000/sqft to buy. This takes the hassles of having $200k to put down and they take care of the gardener. BUT, by normal credit standards the renter must earn $156,000/year to qualify for this house.

Just because some flipper added new tile, plumbing and electric does not mean that it’s worth an extra $1000/month!

It’s listed as a “cottage” but this is part of a multi-unit gettoplex. call it a 14 bed/8bath property. Priced and written like it’s a single family home, yet you have all sorts of people sharing your “property”.

Here’s the colorful listing: Stunning!! Newly remodeled 2bed/2bath beach cottage in the heart of El Segundo. This home consists of a large master suite with walk in closet and a large master bath. Seamless showers, new modern tile stone throughout. Vaulted ceilings, new plumbing system, electrical system, fire sprinklers, large indoor/outdoor covered area for entertaining. 2 car covered parking. Kitchen is complete with all brand new Stainless-Steel appliances, marble counter tops and ample cabinetry storage. A spacious living room with an entrance to the 300 sqft. deck on the backyard that is beautifully manicured. This masterpiece is near the local market, great schools & parks, provides easy freeway access and is close to the beach.
  • Seamless showers – not worth extra money
  • new modern tile stone throughout – not worth extra money
  • new plumbing system – saves the owner money not the renter
  • electrical system – again – who gives a fuck Matt?
  • fire sprinklers – might want to look at your renters policy to see if the technological marvel is good or bad for you
  • Kitchen is complete with all brand new Stainless-Steel appliances, marble counter tops – OK, Matt fancy is good. Fancy = more money
  • 2 car covered parking – What no garage? for four fucking thousand a month? Where will I park my Tesla?
  • A spacious living room with an entrance to the 300 sqft deck. Hmm, spacious yet the entire house is 1000 square feet? Probably an exaggeration isn’t it Matt? Glad the living room has a patio door, that’s worth the extra $1000/month for sure!

All I can say is ASSHOLE. And I guess there are plenty of residents that think the same. Welcome to the site Matt Crabbs, may you be successful in ripping your neighbors for every bloody dime they have in their wallet.



2 thoughts on “Greed runneth over

  1. Kalushkin

    Here in the NYC tri-state area, 1K per bedroom is for a lower middle-class area. Nice areas are around $1,500 per bedroom (and that is with a minimum 45 minute commute time to the city).

    A house, even a small one for 4K, close to work and beach kind of sounds reasonable.

    Though, agree with you that I am not sure how most people can afford this, unless everyone is in Tech and Finance, or maybe entertainment.


  2. It’s batshit crazy everywhere. This can’t end well.
    Having been involved in both corporate finance and the entertainment business I know that not EVERYONE is be making $300k/yr. Can they all be rolling downhill to the west side?


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