I guess there is more than one greedy bastard asking $4k for rent in El Segundo

I found another greedy fucker asking $4k/month two bedroom for rent.  Turns out Matt Crabbs isn’t the only asshole.

It’s actually $4200/month and unlike Matt Crabbs’ bullshit listing on Mariposa, at least this is a single family home.

It’s still ridiculous but at least it has a two one car garage. The listing doesn’t show square footage but the internet is limitless. This little doozy is all of 932 square feet.

Some enterprising flipper is hoping to recoup some of that money he spent at Home Depot. He should just throw the $1.2 mil price tag on it and walk away. But then again with his expenses and carrying costs that might not be a big enough profit. Real Estate never goes down! Someone will pay at least $4200/month forever to live here!

Price History

06/23/17 Listed for rent $4,200/mo Marine View Ma…
11/02/16 Sold $800,000

So call Ann at Marine View Management, grab a bottle of lube and bend over.

Welcome to El Segundo.


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